Great News: HEWI to Support Healesville CoRE!!

Today we heard the great news that the Healesville Environment Watch Inc (HEWI) has agreed to offer support to Healesville CoRE. This will not involve any funding arrangement but is more ‘in kind’ support. HEWI has agreed that we can use their logo on the promotion for a Community Gathering. They will also ‘auspice’ us to apply for a Small Grant from the Yarra Ranges Council to provide some ‘seed funding’ for our ongoing expenses connected with the Community Gathering. Because Healesville CoRE is not yet a registered organisation we have to apply for a grant through another organisation. Healesville CoRE is very grateful to HEWI for this support.


Start Up Group Formed for Healesville CoRE Project!!

The Start Up Group for Healesville CoRE met for the first time on 2 March 2017. The group consists of Jeff Barlow and two Yarra Ranges Council staff, one from the Sustainability Unit and the other from Community Development. This team will work to establish a Healesville CoRE Steering Group in early May and a Community Gathering in June. In the first instance, the aim is for the Start Up Group to broaden its base by getting a wider range of interested volunteers involved in the project.

We hope to get a group of at least 10 community volunteers interested in renewable energy projects for the whole of the Healesville community, to form the Steering Group, which will then plan, promote and organise the Community Meeting for the end of June 2017.