See what we looked at in the Workshop for Energy Storage and Microgrids for Community Energy Groups

A Workshop about Energy Storage and Microgrids for Community Energy Groups was held in Melbourne. Five representatives from Healesville CoRE were at the Workshop and you can get an idea of the value of the Workshop from three of the Presentations which you can access below.

Energy Storage and Battery usage was well explained though easy to follow diagrams and charts. This gives good input to “Why Get a Battery?”.  The different types of batteries and terms such as “Depth of Discharge” are explained.

Microgrids (what? why? how?) were explained to show how they differ from the regular grid that most people work though.  Advantages such as cheaper electricity, sharing solar energy and batteries, independent operating when the main grid is down, were addressed.

… and here are some examples of Microgrids that have been set up

The Microgrid DemonstrationInitiative (MDI) is an initiative of the Government’s Renewable EnergyAction Plan (REAP). This is information about the government grant program that made available up to $10m in fundingE

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